Poor mental health affects people, businesses and the economy with the cost to business around £42 billion and society as a whole £99 billion (2017 Study by Deloitte)                    

For every £1 spent on wellbeing in the workplace, ROI is £4.20

With Legal, Financial and Moral reasons to support wellbeing in your workplace. Can you afford to do nothing?

I create ‘Change Agents’ within your business, using coaching skills to dovetail existing knowledge and experiences, interest and passions. Allowing participants to build skills rapidly. Support, understand and empower others to be more, have more and achieve more.


Short and long term contracts available. Tailoring the service to meet your needs.
Bespoke wellbeing services for your business

  • An alternative or addition to your Employee Assistance Programs
  • Cost effective and outcome focused
  • Proactive and Responsive approach to Well-being and resilience
  • Timely and accessible with a personable but professional approach
  • Adaptable and bespoke to your needs
  • Developing Wellbeing Ambassadors
  • Providing business support directory
  • Well-being events
  • Visual outcomes with progress reports

Providing Workshops, 1-2-1 and business support

  • Improving mental health awareness and resilience
  • Creating healthy coping strategies
  • Developing positive mind-set for change and openness to new ideas
  • Improving relationships and communication skills
  • Develop greater self-awareness and improved level of responsibility
  • Increase morale and motivation, improving organisational performance
  • Solution focused regarding work and home life stresses
  • Joint vision and commitment

Julie Bailey an experienced and personable Life Coach, NLP and Wellbeing Practitioner provides a Reactive, Proactive and Bespoke wellbeing services for your business:

  • Mental Health Champion training
  • Wellbeing workshops
  • 1-2-1 Mindset and Emotional Coaching
  • Business Coaching and Emotional Wellbeing support.

Have something in mind for your organisation?  Should you like to discuss workshops or learn about what’s available for your business, contact me for more information.